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Our Bikes, Our Terms & Conditions

Quality Bikes and

Fair Terms & Conditions

We use quality bikes at West Highland Wheels, usually Trek or similar. We look after our bikes, and we ask that you do too. Each bike comes with a spare tube, tyre levers and pump. Whilst punctures are rare, when you are out on the trail please make sure you know how to fix a puncture. 

If you are unable to fix a puncture, or in the unlikely event that you experience a mechanical failure, please find somewhere to secure the bicycle, send us a photo and details of the location and continue your adventure on foot. 

Deposit: we take a refundable deposit of £100 for each bike. We have never had to keep a deposit, we would only keep a deposit if a customer lost or severely damaged one of our bikes. 


Our full terms and conditions are designed to protect us and protect you. We are fully insured. You will be sent full terms and conditions to accept as part of your booking.